Meet the Pinehill Pavilion Crew

Gina Hill 


Gina has lived in North Carolina for over 30 years.  She was the CEO of a grading company for 25 years until she sold the company and decided to buy 160 acres with her husband Eric and build this amazing venue together.  Now they both run Pinehill Pavilion with two of their three children.  For Gina, this is her dream job!


Eric Hill
Venue Manager

Eric owned a grading company with his wife, Gina, for 25 years. After selling the company, they both decided to use their 160 acre farm land to build Pinehill Pavilion.  Eric works along side his family to create wonderful events and maintain the grounds. 


Payton Hill

Assistant Manager

Payton use to work in car sales and decided that working in the family business was much more his speed. He is in charge of grounds keeping, setup before events, the bar, and working with vendors to ensure everything is setup exactly the way you envision.


Brooke Hill

Venue manager & certified wedding planner

Brooke is fresh out of school, eager to learn and work, and loves working at our venue!

 Brooke has a passion for planning, organizing, decorating, and people - such a perfect fit for her.  She is committed to making your event amazing and stress-free.


Lisa Harris
Venue manager &
Certified Wedding Planner

Lisa is one of our venue coordinators and exclusive wedding planners on site at Pinehill Pavilion. Lisa loves meeting new brides and seeing their wedding visions come to life! Lisa has worked with us for several years and cannot wait for more adventures to come!

Franklin Finch
Venue manager & Certified Wedding Planner

Franklin is one of our venue coordinators and exclusive wedding planners at Pinehill Pavilion. Franklin began wedding planning for his friends and family on the side and quickly transitioned into a certified planner for brides overall.Franklin loves meeting new people and helping brides with their wedding visions!


Maddie Briley

Venue Manager & wedding planner

Maddie is Pinehill's office assistant and one of our certified planners. After studying Hospitality Management in college, she found a passion for event planning! She is detailed, creative, and is passionate about helping create lifelong memories for each bride and groom that walks through our doors.

Jazlyn Montague

Venue Manager & Wedding Planner

Hello Sweethearts, I’m Jazlyn Montague, a venue manager as well as one of the exclusive Certified Wedding Planners here at Pinehill Pavilion! I am a creative, fun and detail oriented individual with years of experience in design and coordination. Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of being able to plan, coordinate and watch the beauty of love through weddings.