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Ceremony Sights Galore

Having trouble finding the perfect location to host your special day? Look no further.

Pinehill Pavilion is a newer venue, located in Youngsville, NC. We opened in January and have hosted many weddings since then. Our dream when creating this venue was to have a modern look with multiple options and locations to have your ceremony and reception. Not only have we succeeded, but we are continuously growing and creating more options for our brides! Our pond and wooded areas give us a variety of locations in hopes to bring brides of all wants and desires.

With that being said, we have multiple ceremony locations to offer, and continuing to create more as we speak! Right now, we have about 7 locations to hold your ceremony. We also have 6 arbors at the moment and have more coming soon. Some of our arbors are able to be moved to your dream location spot.

For our first ceremony location, we have a wooden house arbor in front of our pond. The beautiful sound of the fountain is located behind it, making the perfect background noise during the ceremony. This spot can host up to 400 guests. Lots of our brides have chosen to get married at this spot because it is uniquely made.

For our second and third ceremony locations, we have wooden arbors- one in between our woods and pond; the other arbor is able to be moved anywhere on the property. The first arbor can fit about 400 guests. These arbors make the perfect spot for our brides to create their own designs and have their own florals hung. So many options!

Another ceremony location is our cross arbor. This arbor is also allowed to be moved anywhere on the property. Some weddings have had it in front of the pond, in the woods, inside, etc. As you can see, its versatile! This arbor is stunning with added florals and drapery on it, creating the perfect backdrop for the bride and groom.

One of the office's favorite arbors is one of the simpler ones. We have a gold, metal, circular arbor that is able to be moved anywhere on the property as well. This arbor is the simplest one we have, allowing our brides to create their desired backdrop. Whether you choose florals, drapery, or greenery, this arbor is stunning.

Located inside the pavilion, we have space for your ceremony! Our inside has beautiful wooden and white walls all around, the black and clear glass doors that are able to be opened or closed during the ceremony, and plenty of space for all of your guests. We wanted the inside of our pavilion to have a more modern feel and newer look to it.

The last and newest ceremony location is a dream come true. We recently created our "Enchanted Forest" located in the back of the venue in the woods. This spot gives the perfect space for a ceremony. It is covered with lights and space to have seating for your guest. This place will evolve more in the next coming months but we are more than excited to host our first wedding there in a couple of weeks.

That's it for now! Check out our social media sites (IG- pinehillpavilion ; FB- Pinehill Pavilion) for the latest photos and pictures of our arbors and ceremony locations.

If you're wanting to schedule a tour or chat about your special day, feel free to click the "Contact" button at the top!

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