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Lighting is our FAVORITE thing to add!

Pinehill Pavilion is known for its lighting. Not only is it a crucial attribute to the venue, but it makes everyone fall in love with the night time looks of the venue as well.

As soon as your pull into the venue, you immediately hit a driveway filled with lights. They swing from left to right, creating the perfect lit up drive for every guest to drive through. These lights lead to our parking lot, which is also covered in lights. Even at night time, you can see clearly when walking to your car.

Our cocktail hour location is also lit up of the night with swinging lights over the turf area. This location is perfect for your guests to roam and chat with everyone, while standing around and drinking their preferred cocktail!

The favorite photo spot is, of course, lit up and it was made for a walkthrough to our Enchanted Forest. Some of our brides use this location as a great send off spot or as a great photo opportunity. One of our brides has used this spot for her first look. It was stunning!

We, of course, saved the best for last- the Enchanted Forest. A ceremony location that is under a tent of lights. Not only is there a beautiful lit up walkway to the forest, but the trees surrounding the area are also wrapped in lights. Right around 3 o'clock and on is the perfect lighting for a beautiful ceremony under the lights.

As you can see, we love lights here at the Pavilion. Come tour ~around 3-5pm~ and you'll get to see what we're talking about!

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